UK Spouse Visa

The Spouse / Civil Partner Visa is given initially for a two-year probationary period and can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and British nationality.

If however, the couple have been married or have been in a civil partnership for at least four years and have been living together outside of the UK during that time, an application for ILR can be made immediately.

At the time of submitting the Visa application applicants for a Spouse / Civil Partner Visa must demonstrate that they are legally married to, or in a Civil Partnership with a partner who is a British National or permanent resident. This person must be their genuine spouse / partner and the couple must intend to live together in the UK.

Spouse / Civil Partner Visa Basic Requirements

To obtain a Spouse / Civil Partner Visa it is necessary for you to fulfill the basic prerequisites set out by the UK Immigration Authorities. Regardless of whether the application is made in the UK, abroad, or if you are applying for an extension (where applicable), the main requirements are similar.

  • you are legally married to each other or are in a civil partnership recognized in the UK
  • your husband, wife or civil partner is present and settled in the UK (see the next section)
  • you both intend to live together permanently as husband and wife or as civil partners
  • you have met each other before
  • you can support yourselves and any dependants without any help from public funds
  • you have suitable accommodation, which is owned or lived in only by you and your household, and where you and your dependants can live without any help from public funds
  • your husband, wife or civil partner is not under 18, and
  • you are not under 18.

If your husband or wife has more than one wife or husband, only one will be allowed to join them in the UK.
At first, you will be allowed to stay and work in the UK for two years. Near the end of this time, if you are still married and intend to continue living together, you can apply to stay permanently in the UK.

The Border and Immigration Agency will deal with your application to stay permanently in the UK and give you information on what you will need to do. The Border and Immigration Agency will charge a non-refundable fee for your application to remain indefinitely in the UK.

If you and your husband, wife or civil partner have been living together outside the UK for four years or more, and you meet all the necessary requirements to stay permanently in the UK, you may be granted indefinite leave to enter. These requirements include showing that you have the necessary level of knowledge of the English language and life in the UK

To qualify for an Entry Clearance or Further Leave to Remain application as a Spouse / Civil Partner for a 2 year probationary period there are basic requirements that must be met. Both parties must be at least 18 years old, have met and be legally married OR have undergone a civil partnership registration.
You will also need to prove that your relationship is of a genuine and continuing nature.

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